Independent Crop Trials

Crop trials are integral to our advice and recommendations for a range of products from seed, agrochemicals and crop nutrition. Although each manufacturer and distributor has trials for there products we feel it is important to have trials results which are not bias in any way. It is easy to set up a trial in which your product performs well and these are often the only results a manufacturer or distributor will show you. This is understandable but we feel it is important to offer our customers an un-bias comparison of different products available in a situation that will reflect on farm performance.

All protocols, field layouts and results are made available to customers and website members. This makes the whole process very transparent. In addition to this we run several open days at the trials site where customers can come and see the work for themselves.

1st Year Winter Wheat Varieties


Our first year winter wheat trial usually has around 40 different varieties stretching across all groups from bread making to hard feed wheats. Each variety is replicated four times and is randomised within a field block to allow for any soil or field variations, This gives each variety a fair chance to perform. There is also an un-treated replicate of each variety which doesnt recieve any agro chemicals.

2nd Year Winter Wheat Varieties

The second year variety trial follows a similar pattern to the 1st wheat trial however it is about half the size. There are a few well known second wheat varieties within the trial alongside some of the newer varieties coming through from breeders. Each variety has a plot treated with lattitude seed dressing and a plot treated without lattitude seed dressing.

Wheat Fungicide Trial

This trial is usually next to our first wheat trial. We have around 10 different fungicide programs side by side to see the best performing and most cost effective. Each treatment is replicatd 4 times and randomised in a block to allow for field variation. During the season disease assessments are made and compared.

Blackgrass Control

This trial is placed on a site known for difficult blackgrass. A Large array of treatments are sprayed over the wheat crop to try and see the best performing. During he season head counts of blackgrass in each plot are carried out to confirm which plots and treatments have the least blackgrass in. 

Oilseeed Rape

We have an oilseed rape variety trial containing around 30 different varieties. There are conventional, hybrid and semi dwarf varieties. Each variety is replicated and treated eaxctly the same to try and give a fair comparison of each variety. The oilseed rape trial is based on a farm which grows oilseed rape on a one in two year rotation with wheat. We place the trial here to try and pick out any verticillium wilt and to assess any varietal difference. It is also a good test of the varieties disease characteristics and vigour.

Other Trials   

In the past we have had a range of different trials from oilseed rape herbicides to slug pellet efficacy tests. All the information is made available to customers and website members.