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Annual subsciption to the site is will give you access to all of the features above except the ordering system which is for buying group members only. 

There is a large database of information for you to use covering all aspects of arable farming from legislative requirements to seed variety information. In adition to this there are several useful tools on the site.

Our team of Agronomists will keep the website up to date with issues we see arising in the field and also updates from across the industry whether it be new chemistry or a change in legislation.


There is a chemical price comparison tool where you can enter any products you have bought recently and see how your price compares to our buying group. These prices are kept up to date daily and are from a range of distributors.

There is a quotes section which enable you to enter chemicals you are going to buy in the near future to get a comparison from our buying group to compare with your current supplier.

In addition to this there is a budgeting tool which will calculate your ag chem input spend for each crop. You can save this information and alter it throughout the season and print off reports for your records. You can enter the price you paid or use real time prices from our buyig group.

Once you have subscibed to the website we can offer a text reminder and update service. We will update you on pest/diesease levels in the area, inform you of crop growth stages and remind you of key dates in the calendar such as when your soil protection review should be completed.

If you are a member of the buying group you can also order directly through our website. The order will go straight to the distributor with no middle man ensuring swift, usually next day delivery. 

If you have any questions about this service please contact the office.