If you have any queries reguarding the services Agrivice can offer please do not hesitate to contact the office.  


Agronomy is not just advice on crop inputs but covers a diverse rage of topics from cultivations through to legislative requirements such as NVZ planning. At Agrivice we pride ourselves on being able to give our clients the best advice on all aspects of arable farming. The advice given is fully independant of comercial sales whether that be ag chem, seed, fertiliser or machinery based. This independence ensures that there is no comercial bias whatsoever on product choice or application rate used. Our advice is based on in house trials and information from a range organisations such as NIAB/TAG, HGCA, Rothamsted Research and ADAS. Over the years we have built up a good relationship with a wide range of independant experts, seed breeders and manufacturers alike. From this we can offer the highest level of advice to push farms to thier full potential, but still ensuring this advice is practical and cost effective.

We understand that not every Farmer is the same and may not require a full crop walking service. At Agrivice we can be flexible and arrange a package to suite individual needs please contact the office to discuss any requirements.


Buying Group

Although we do not sell any crop inputs we can offer help with precurement. Our Buying Group offers not only extremely competitive input prices but also a very efficient service. As our Agronomists can forecast what may be required we can focus all of our buying power into those specific areas ensuring the best prices and product supply. Our buying group focuses on crop inputs, predominantly agrochemicals, seed and some crop nutrition. We do not offer buying help with anything else because we feel our expertese is in ag inputs and to offer help with phone contracts, cars, animal feed or concrete for example would have little benefit to our customers. Why not use our price calculator to compare our buying group to your current supplier?





Soil Sampling

All sampling will be undertaken by a FACTS qulified advisor.

Standard P,K, Mg and pH

A sample will be taken from each field or several samples if it is a big field in the traditional W shape. The testing of the sample will be undertaken in a professional Lab such as NRM Laboratories. Once the results come back they will be sent to you and at this point any advice or recommendations can be given.

GPS Grid Sampling

GPS grid sampling is a bit more accurate than the standard W shape sampling. One sample for every half hectare will be taken and logged into the GPS system. Once the samples have been analysed they will be put onto a map showing the exact areas in the field which may or may not require P, K, Mg or lime. This information can be imported onto GPS systems in the tractor cab and used on variable rate nutrient application equipment. 


Avadex Application

Over the years using information from our trials and other independent trials we noticed that in difficult situations Avadex was brining significant extra control in Blackgrass spray programs. The main barrier to using Avadex is the application so we decided to start offering a contracting service. We use a 24m boom applicator guided by GPS. Although we do not recommend the use of Avadex in all situations, where resistant blackgrass is present it can boost control. Please log into the members side to view all of the agrivice trials data on Avadex.


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